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Exotic Beaches Of Oahu

Hawaii is the home for more than 125 exotic beaches. Among many, Waikiki beach is most famous in the world. It’s located on south shore made up of five smaller beaches. Beaches on south shore are also known as family beaches.

The beaches offer many excellent facilities like-swimming, surfing, boogie boarding, catamaran, outrigger canoe rides, snorkeling, tide pooling and recreational activities like family picnics. The beaches here are filled with tourist from various parts of the world. If you are planning a trip to Oahu then explore the newly renovated Waikiki beach with its shopping, lodging, dining and gaming activities.

Plan your tour and book your hotels well in advance as boardwalks are jam-packed all around the year. It’s most popular and convenient location to spend your vacations. Here you can hang out day and night. It is also said to be very popular honeymoon destination. Waikiki is little far from the island but worth traveling; there are many more exotic beaches to explore.

Windward Shore

Take a drive through the Ko`olaus. The city drops away, and you’re on the Windward Shore, where you’ll experience Oahu’s best beaches for swimming, easy surfing, and great windsurfing. Waimanalo Beach is located in same town and hot favorite with locals but many tourists aren’t aware of it. This is a best swimming spot on Oahu; it’s almost two miles long with wide strip of sand.

Leeward Shore

Traveler Alert: The beaches of Oahu’s drier leeward west side are a bit off the track because of several past reports of break-ins to rental cars and umbrage by locals on the tourists.

Leeward shore is on the west side of Oahu and has most beautiful beaches to explore. Pokai Bay Beach Park is one among them, located on the south of Makaha. The beach offers some great offshore fishing spots. During winters you can experience the large waves, which are of more than 15 feet high.

North Shore

Traveler Alert: North shore beaches are famous for its surfing, during winter months waves reach heights of more than 30 feet. Take extra precautions during winter season. Obey all postings and warnings.

Sunset Beach Park- in winter’s waves hit 15-20 feet high, and during summer also one will find big waves. Parking options on the beach are limited.
Waimea Bay Beach Park- here you can enjoy some of the biggest waves in the world; some of the waves are over 30 feet high. This beach is not suitable for amateur surfers; it is only for experts in winter.

Ali’i Beach Park- this beach is situated just north of Hale’iwa. This is only beach on the north shore which is suitable for swimming. During winter take precautions.

South Shore

All the Hotels of the Honolulu are located on the south shore. Here you find crowded beaches but they are easily accessible and with calm water.

Ala Moana Beach Park is most suitable for picnics and relaxing with easy swimming options for kids. Due to this it has become popular spot among Honolulu residents. This beach is located between Waikiki and downtown Honolulu and adjacent to Ala Moana Shopping Center.

Hanauma Bay Nature Park – is the best destination for the snorkelers. Water here is very calm and clean and one can enjoy the colorful tropical fishes. There is 5 dollar entry fees for non locals and $1 parking fees. But this fee is worth when compared to the fun and beauty this beach offers. Reach out to this place early as it gets crowded and water gets cloudier as number of people increases. You must have seen in Elvis Presley’s movie, Blue Hawaii, the beaches is covered with white sand, stretched over 2000 feet and is lined with coconut trees.

Oahu is not just about Waikiki beach; try to explore other beaches on the island. Remember to take your camera along.

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