InventHelp: Your Guiding Star in the Patenting Process

Innovation lights the path to groundbreaking inventions but protecting your brainchild from potential duplication requires careful navigation on the road to securing a patent. Patenting, while an essential step in the invention journey, is notorious for its complexity. However, a guiding hand can help alleviate the obstacles and simplify matters. InventHelp, a renowned invention service company, is devoted to assisting inventors in every step of the patenting process. How do you patent an invention idea? Let’s see.

Record Your Invention Idea

Your invention’s journey begins with precise documentation of your idea. From initial concepts to intricate details about functionality, manufacturing, improvements, and applications, documenting everything becomes crucial for future reference. InventHelp encourages inventors to maintain an Inventor’s Journal, making dated entries that trace the evolution of the invention idea.

Determine Commercial Potential

Before delving into the patenting process, evaluate your invention’s commercial viability. Market analysis to understand demand, competition, cost-effectiveness and the unique selling proposition of your product is essential. Here, InventHelp leaps into action with its professional team who conduct market research and give inventors valuable insights into their product’s market fit.

Conduct an In-Depth Patent Search

The next critical phase is a patent search, ensuring the novelty of your invention. InventHelp’s Information Research Services can help inventors undertake a comprehensive search of existing patents domestically and internationally to verify that their invention has not been previously patented.

Develop a Prototype

Creating a prototype is the crucial juncture where ideas metamorphose into tangible form. InventHelp collaborates with Inventionland to build prototypes for inventors. This serves as a proof-of-concept, demonstrating the mechanics of the invention and can lead to further improvements guided by real-world feedback.

Decide on the Right Type of Patent

When it comes to patents, one size doesn’t fit all. The invention dictates the type of patent needed, whether a utility patent, design patent, or plant patent. The experienced team at InventHelp provides guidance to inventors on choosing the patent type that offers the best protection for their specific invention.

File Your Patent Application

Armed with the insight of their experienced team, InventHelp assists inventors in preparing a patent application and filing it with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Depending on the inventor’s needs and strategy, a Provisional Patent Application (PPA) or a Non-Provisional Patent Application (NPA) can be filed. The staff at InventHelp work hand-in-hand with inventors to ensure the efficient processing of the application.

Engage in the Review Process

After filing, the application enters the review process, marked by correspondence with the USPTO. InventHelp acts as an intermediary, handling the formal communication, providing updates to inventors, and facilitating the process until the patent, hopefully, gets granted.


Patenting an invention is a multilevel process, made smoother with the right guidance. Partnering with InventHelp bridges the gap between invention and patent, simplifying the patenting process. Thus, you can focus on what you do best—innovating—while InventHelp navigates the winds and tides of the patenting process, illuminating your path to bright horizons.

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