Mechanical Patents

The world is becoming increasingly automated in its processes and in regards to its products that are used for every kind of purpose imaginable.  Almost every function performed on a daily basis comes down to some form of mechanical product or process that’s designed to make things more efficient, and as a result, more and more innovations are being formulated every day as you can see from how to patent a product with InventHelp.

The Nature of Mechanical Patents

There are actually two different types of mechanical patents – product based mechanical patents and process based mechanical patents.  There are differences between the two, as product based patents center on the finished tangible product that’s being marketed, and process based patents deal with how mechanical functions are performed.  Below are a few examples of different types of mechanical patents that have been sought:

  • Automotive technology patents
  • Engineering patents
  • Agricultural equipment patents
  • Power tool patents
  • Construction-based patents
  • Lawn care patents
  • Telephonic hardware patents
  • Refrigeration patents

Clearly, there are many more types of products and processes that can be patented within the realm of mechanical patents, but regardless of the specifics of your idea, there are different types of information that will be needed to properly pursue patent protection.

The First Step – The Mechanical Patent Search Process

Before taking on the effort of formulating and submitting a mechanical patent application, an inventor needs to take some time to find out if a patent already exists for the product or process that’s being considered.  In order to effectively search for these existing patents, certain information is necessary to make sure that taking the next step is advisable.  Examples of this information include:

  • A description of the parts/components of the mechanical product
  • A description of the novel aspect of this product
  • The potential advantages/benefits of this product

If the invention concerns a mechanical process, a description of the steps involved with that process will be useful for your search along with the identification of the novelty of said process and its potential usefulness. Learn more from how to patent an idea with InventHelp.

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